High Quality Materials

Ant Grafit provides cost-effective and quality-assured products as GES Europe regional sales agent.

On-the-Spot Services

GES Europe quality control and rough machining services are directly to adjust all products according to your requirements.

Graphite Network

GES Europe is a worldwide networker with partners right at the origin of graphite products.

Ant Grafit

Providing high quality materials to the market through GES Europe Graphite Network

GES Europe has extensive experience with carbon and graphite applications. We strongly believe in and are committed to a preemptive quality program – recognizing issues that affect or may affect quality. Accepted strong processes and procedures produce true repeatability in the production operations and materials to our customers.

We are ready to service all your graphite needs and to assist your team in areas of your manufacturing process by reducing errors and increasing your productivity and profitability.


Quality controls take place in own warehouses.


Price forecasts & price shock warnings exclusively for GES partners.


Graphite processing and refinement in own workshops


Providing the most effective solutions in carbon and graphite to satisfy our customer’s most challenging needs

Specialty Graphite Materials

GES’s excellent speciality graphite materials help our customers all over the world stay competitive in their industries.

Specialty Graphite Materials

Mechanical Engineering Materials

GES serves various carbon or graphite and impregnated material solutions for mechanical engineering applications.

Mechanical Engineering Materials

High Thermal Application Products

GES has a wide range of carbon and graphite-based high thermal application products such as CFC materials or graphite foils.

High Thermal Application Products

Graphite Powders & Expandables

GES has ability to provide high purity and different grain sizes of graphite powders or graphite expandables for applications including battery production, lubrication, brake linings, friction and carbon raiser.

Graphite Powders & Expandables
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