Quality Control and GES Approval

GES Europe has strict quality control stages and puts GES Approval labels on each raw material block. Please check and ask about the money back guarentee clause for details.

The GES QA process consists of 4 parts: the macro check that takes about 3 hours, the micro check, good’s approval and packing/stocking. For you this means that you will receive a stable and consistent quality of graphite products. The blocks, rods and electrodes in your warehouse have all the same density – the most important property of graphite products. 

What You’ll Get

The inspection results are thoroughly documented on 2-4 pages full DINA4 documents. For each single graphite electrode or fine grain graphite item, the data is presented on a comprehensive list of 5 crucial technical parameters such as bulk density, weight and electrical resistivity. Clearly laid out in table format. You hold our certificates in your hands within 2 weeks after you have placed your order.

Tests are done by our assiduous 28-headed quality-assurance team led by 2 experienced mechanical engineers on a 4970 m2 property. GES Asia Pacific has been focusing on Graphite testing for 6 years.

GES Quality Approval Stamp

After all tests have been concluded, each Euro-Palette receives a 14cmx8cm sticker that shows the blue GES® Europe quality stamp – called GESApprovalTM. Each palette you receive from us absolutely must bear our quality approval sticker.

GES Money Back - Guarantee

As a GES Customer you will get back 100 % of your money if GES fails to deliver the material with the Minimum Density tested in the GES quality check. That means for you that if you detect a minimum density of less than that stated in the analysis certificate, you are entitled to 100 % reimbursement of your money.

Please see the process chart: